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The "Why" Behind The "What" - A Story That Brings It All Home

Written by: Brooke Kronschnabel, League Member

If you stop by the Stepping Stones Boutique (which is also their office), you will most likely run into the founder, who is hard at work trying to literally save a child's life. That might be in the form of finding the child a home, clothing, food, or a safe place to sleep just for the night. Every day there are numerous children that come to the Stepping Stones Foundation looking for help.

When asked for a story to share, the founder of Stepping Stones, Christina Bynum-Breaux, grits her teeth and reveals the story of Issac…

“We met Isaac when a community member informed us of a teen boy living under a bridge in Keller. He was cold, hungry, and had holes in his size 13 shoes. He decided that living under a bridge was better than his current living situation. At three years old, he witnessed his father murder his mother. With his dad in prison, he was given to his grandparents, who were abusive and alcoholics. After the foundation’s intervention, we got him back into school after attending truancy court. He even lived with our founder for a while and had a warm bed to sleep in. He had hot meals, shoes, toiletries, mentoring, and clothing. He was healthy and happy. Isaac is one of many homeless teens that we support, and they are being identified at an alarming rate each week.”

This is just one story of one child that has been helped by the Stepping Stones Foundation. There are hundreds of other stories.

With your support and donations, the foundation is able to help with the children’s needs and medical care while working with local police departments and child protective services to enable them to be safe from abusive situations.

To donate or volunteer, please visit:

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