One of the most attractive benefits to being a GCS Moms League member is access to our playgroups. As an organization, we have a Playgroup Chair who is responsible for placing new and returning members into playgroups as they are requested. Each playgroup will have a coordinator who will facilitate meeting times, dates, and activities. Most playgroups have a coordinator as the primary point person responsible for planning playgroup activities each week. You must be a GCSML member to participate in one of our playgroups.

Joining a playgroup is one of the best ways to become involved with GCS Moms League. The most successful playgroups are those whose members have made time to attend regularly, are willing to meet and form new friendships, and are flexible in taking part in various activities chosen by all playgroup members. We encourage you to make that commitment!

Playgroups are organized primarily by the child's birth year, as well as the day of the week and time that the playgroup meets. If you have recently joined the Moms League and are interested in joining a playgroup or starting a new playgroup, please complete the playgroup enrollment form below or contact the Playgroup Chair.

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