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  • What makes GCS Moms League Different from other mom groups?
    GCS Moms league is a group with over 200 moms (some work while some stay at home). We have bi-monthly Breakfast Socials, organized play groups by children’s age, and specialty events like Book Club, Moms Night Out, Fit Club and MANY more. We also select a local charity and funds from our annual Great Gala are donated to that organization each year!
  • How do I join?
    Click here to fill out our Membership Form! A new screen will open to take your information & payment. From there, you’ll receive an email confirmation that will include information on how to join our private Facebook group, as well as how to access the Events tab of our website to see all the amazing events we have lined up!
  • What does the $75 registration fee cover?
    The registration fee helps to fund our bi-monthly Breakfast Socials (cost of venue & food/beverages), holiday parties, certain events, plus administrative fees to keep a large group like this organized. For example, last year the Children’s Christmas party included our own Santa Claus & private photographer, a balloon-making elf, AND a bounce house. All just for our members & their families!
  • What kind of events are offered through the league?
    We offer a large variety of events and we are always adding more as our group grows! Events include bi-monthly Breakfast Socials, Mom Night Out, Couples Night Out, Book Club, Fit Club, Baby Playgroup, Toddler Playgroup, Game Night, Couples Christmas Party, The Great Gala, Children’s Holiday themed parties (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter) and New Member Mingles. Phew, that's a lot!
  • What is the typical age of the kids? Are mine too young/old?
    The league has many mothers with children of all ages! From newborn to school age. We offer playgroups based on age and availability, so there is always a spot for you & your child(ren). We have young moms with littles, young moms with older kids, older moms with littles, and older moms with older kids! You will have no problem finding similar-aged friends for your kiddos or similar-aged mamas for you to connect with.
  • What is the time commitment? Are there any events I am required to attend?
    The only requirement is that you have FUN! But really there are no requirements, come to as many or as few events as your schedule allows. We have members that only join for their weekly playgroups or only attend the bi-monthly Breakfast Socials. We also have members that hold a Board position within the league and attend many social events. It is truly up to you! The best advice we can give you however, is you will get out of this only what you put in. The more you show up, the more opportunities you have to make those friend connections & really feel like a part of the league!
  • Can I attend an event before joining?
    Absolutely! We’d love to have you attend an event. Email and we can help you find an event that fits your schedule.
  • What kind of volunteer opportunities does the league offer?
    The league offers many opportunities to volunteer. You can volunteer your time internally by holding a Board or Committee position (fill out the form HERE!). Each year we offer several volunteering events within our community and we also host a fundraising Gala event each year. The Gala takes a large amount of planning to pull off; we could always use more help!
  • What are the Breakfast Socials/General Meetings all about?
    Sounds so formal, but it’s not. We host a meeting of the moms, which we like to call Breakfast Socials. Breakfast & coffee (which you get to enjoy hot for once!) are served and childcare is available. Meetings often include a special guest speaker covering popular motherhood topics, some specific activity related to the theme of the Breakfast Social (spa/wellness, crafts, etc) as well as time to socialize. It’s truly a great time to bond with other members over coffee (did I mention it’s hot?) and learn something new. The league rents space from the First United Methodist Church in Colleyville (no affiliation) and holds our bi-monthly meetings there typically the first Friday of every other month.
  • Is childcare offered at events?
    The only events that childcare is typically offered at (with a reservation) is our Breakfast Socials, enabling you to have a chance to fully relax & socialize! Childcare is provided by Jovie, and includes sibling discounts.
  • Are there any events for my husband to meet other dads?
    YES! We have Couples Night Out as well as Couples Christmas Party AND the Great Gala. These are all great opportunities for the dads to meet! Some playgroups even get together with the dads.
  • Who do I reach out to if I have questions?
    Please reach out to with any questions. We are happy to help, ask away!
  • How can I meet more moms with similar hobbies/interests?
    Attending our Breakfast Socials or reaching out to the membership chair is a great way to find out more. We also encourage you to dive right in and attend a New Member Mingle event as soon as you can-this is often the first time for many other new members, so there's no awkward "Who will I sit with in the cafeteria?" moment because nearly everyone attending is new as well! You will soon find that you gravitate towards events that appeal to you, so within that, you'll easily find others who share your similar interests!
  • Does your league offer discounts to your members?
    Our league does offer some exclusive discounts for members only. For example, several businesses in the area offered members discounts to prepare for the Gala. We also have businesses reach out and offer trial classes to our members.
  • What is the Great Gala?
    The Great Gala is a fundraising, formal event held every Spring. Tickets are sold to members first before opening it to the community. There's typically dinner, drinks, a silent raffle, and dancing! Funds are raised for a charity in our community and each year the event is BIGGER and MORE FUNDS are raised. Last year, we raised over $80,000 for The Stepping Stones Foundation; in '21-'22 we raised $34,000 for Kids Matter; In '20-'21 it was $35,000 for The Gatehouse and in '19-'20 it was $41,000 for CASA of Tarrant County. We love raising funds that go right back into our community and truly make a difference. Click HERE to view photos from last year's Gala benefitting Kids Matter!
  • What is the Children's Activity Expo?
    Each spring we host a Children's Activity Expo, bringing together several local businesses that hold classes for children and summer camps all in one building, making it very convenient for you to learn about all these amazing opportunities for your kids! And, it is not just for GCSML members. It is open to all our friends and the community at large.
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