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Summer Fun!

Updated: May 10, 2023

by Ashley Pearson, Past President and League Member

Wondering how on Earth you're going to keep the kids entertained this summer? Not to fear—here are some ideas that will keep the kids busy all summer long.

To start with, perhaps print a big calendar for kids to see what you're doing. Plan everything out, maybe use stickers, but make it changeable in case plans change or weather changes.

Schedule some playdates, perhaps invite people over.

If you have a gym membership, put it to use. Many gyms have indoor play areas or planned activities for kids during the summer. It's definitely worth checking them out.

Pool time! Whether at your house, a friend's house, community pool, or Recreation Center, most kids love to swim and it's a great way for them to burn off some energy.


You can also create a schedule such as this one:

Make it Monday: crafts, building toys, playdough, baking.

Trip Tuesday: zoo, science museum, library, parks, botanical garden.

Water Wednesday: all the water toys, sprinkler, “painting” with water, squirt guns, water balloon fights.

Thankful/Thoughtful Thursday: making cards for people, go for a walk and pick up litter, help someone.

Friend Friday: play dates at home or out at a park.

Popsicle time: “you can have multiple popsicles a day, but you MUST eat them outside in the shade, without Mom”.

Before Screen Time List: Have several categories of things kinds need to do before they have screen time. Such as spending time outside, connecting with someone in a non-screen manner, doing something from the chores list, doing something creative, spending some time alone, gotten dressed, read a book, played with toys, built something, etc.

DIY solar oven (make from a pizza box, find directions on Pinterest)- make smores with it.

Stock up on “easy” outdoor stuff that can be done with little mom involvement- bubbles, chalk, sprinklers, at-home splash pad, tie dye kits, water table, bubble wands, bubble machines.

Open Playdate Day: open your backyard to your friends and kid’s friends every Tuesday from 10-2pm or whatever time works best for you.

Have kids create a bucket list (or “must do list”) of things they’d like to do over the summer. Hang list on the fridge. Check off as you go. Ideas- ice cream, water park, movie at a theater, trampoline park, water balloon fight, playdates, visiting all of the local splash pads, make ice cream sundaes, puzzles, write (& mail) someone a letter.

Walk in the park/visit a different playground each week.

Museum memberships, Library days/classes.

DIY obstacle course- have kids compete against their own scores… like, running laps around the house, seeing how far they could jump off of something.

Morning adventures, then afternoon screen time. Morning ideas: pool, hike, playground, splash pad, museum, park, indoor play place, library, zoo, or gym.

Quiet time bags: books, crafts and anything else that fit into a ziplock bag.

Picnic lunches.

Vinegar and baking soda and bottle neck bottles for volcanos. Add toys, scoopers, dinosaurs, etc.

Car/Toy/Whatever wash… give them buckets, soap, hoses, brushes, towels, etc. Let them go to town washing your car or their toys.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to get started on your summer fun. However, don't forget that some down time is okay too. Summers are meant for good times, but also for relaxing and just enjoying the nice, quiet moments with your family.


Below you will find more specific ideas and events that are coming up this summer in our area if you'd like to add any of these to your very own summer bucket list

If you would like a free blank summer bucket checklist to print out for your own family, click HERE or the image below!

Water Bugs

Movie & Music Madness

Animal Lovers

Adventurers & Thrill-seekers

Artsy Fartsy

General Fun

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