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September News from GCS President, Ashley Pearson

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Hi, my name is Ashley Pearson! I’m a mom of 3, I’m a big fan of red wine, The Bachelor franchise, instagram-scrolling, sunbathing, and traveling, and I’m the president of the best organization ever- GCS Moms League!

When Heidi first mentioned her plans of stepping down as president in February, I had visions of introducing myself to 150+ of you and your kiddos at our first breakfast social (in this vision, I was also wearing a ridiculously cute new outfit, I had lost all of the baby weight, and my 1 month old was sleeping 12 hour stretches). 2020 had different plans for us (now a ‘ridiculously cute outfit’ means a clean t shirt... and the 1 month old doesn’t seem to appreciate my wonderful sleep schedule.).

In some ways, our year looks different than in the years past. We are living in a time of face masks and “is it okay to hug you or should I stay across the room?”. All of our mega events (such as breakfast socials) the next couple of months are currently suspended, as we want to keep your families healthy and safe. Last year, we sold 350 tickets to The Great Gala, which benefited our charity of the year. It’s hard to imagine going to an event of that size in the near future.

But- the true heart of GCS Moms League has stayed the same: friendship, support and community. Our leadership team is working tirelessly to create additional smaller social events for those who want to meet in person. We are hosting speakers and other events virtually for those who don’t feel comfortable meeting yet. We have created additional virtual support groups on Facebook. We are finding ways that we can give back and support our local community during this trying time.

2020 has allowed us to take a step back and focus on what truly matters: our members. Please take a look at our member events calendar on our website and start registering for the events that speak to you. If you have additional ideas for how to best support each other, please comment on this blog post, or email

In person or online- #findyourtribe and love them hard.

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