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Thank You – 2020-2021 GCS Volunteers!

A gigantic thank you to everyone who volunteered for our multiple committees this past year! Most of you volunteered back when we expected COVID-19 to last a few weeks... and together, we reinvented the wheel to put together a fantastic community for our members. THANK YOU for all of your time, energy, brainstorming sessions, creative ideas, and friendships!

The Leadership Team runs the entire league of 160+ women. They started working in June 2020 and powered through the crazy year. Most of the Leadership Team took on tons of additional positions not listed below, and lots of them have already volunteered for other positions next year! Thank you ladies for tolerating 1,892 Facebook messages from me the first 4 months (most of them coming at 3am). Thank you for supporting me when I had great ideas, and thank you for kindly telling me when my ideas weren't so great. Thank you for constantly taking feedback from members and working to make the league better. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ladies!!!!! 2020-2021 Leadership Team:

  • Jill Luna: Vice President

  • Madeline Cooper: Treasurer

  • Kara Opfer: Secretary & Decor

  • Katy Trammell : Social Media

  • Marcie Smith: Graphics, Website, Children’s Activities Expo, Newsletters, Emails

  • Karyn Siikala: Sponsor relations/Fundraising

  • Haley Miller, Allison Pair & Maggie Taylor: Community/Charity Events

  • Heidi Ferrell: Adult Events

  • Randi Pearson: Children’s Events

  • Pretika Kalia: Membership

  • Mary Boyle: Playgroup Coordinator

  • Casey Dodd: "Breakfast Socials"

Our Leadership Team had help from each other, and the following individuals....

  • Samantha Kaye: Adult Events

  • Alyson Plog: Adult Events

  • Amy Taylor: Community/Charity Events

  • Aubrey Steiner: Community/Charity Events

  • Annie Xu: Membership Events

  • Ilona Charvayev: Decor for Events

  • Krista Rice: Children’s Activities Expo

  • Lacy Milani-Ingalls: Adult Events

  • Maureen Sandlin: Children’s Events

  • Tiffany Martin: Group Play Dates

  • Rachel Kramer: Group Play Dates

  • Kerri Rinehart: Adult Events

  • Carissa Barrett: Playgroup Lead

  • Katie Brandon: Playgroup Lead

  • Lina Bird: Playgroup Lead

  • Rayann Rich: Playgroup Lead

  • Sarah Barton: Playgroup Lead

  • Felicia DiLoreto: Playgroup Lead

*apologies if we have missed anyone!* I can't wait to get started on next year. Some of our teams have already been brainstorming. I absolutely can't run the league by myself, so no matter how large or small of a role you're looking for, I will find you a place! Please email me at with any questions you have!

Ashley Pearson

2020-2022 GCS President

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