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Three Cheers to GCS Moms League 2021-22 Leadership Team

As we wrap up our league year, it goes without saying that we could not have had such a great impact in the community without our fabulous leadership team! For several of this year’s LT, this was their second term, so they not only weathered the COVID storm of Zoom Book Clubs and virtual happy hours, they also managed to ramp back up to more than 3 events per month all year long!

Thanks to the leadership team, and their supporting committees we were able to host:

  • 6 Breakfast Socials

  • 10 book clubs

  • 10+ game nights

  • 10+ New Member Mingles

  • 10+ Moms Night Out

  • 2 Couple’s Night Out

  • A Moms-Only beach vacation

  • A Trunk or Treat with over 300 in attendance

  • A Children’s Expo with over 40 businesses and over 100 community attendees

  • And last, but certainly not least, The Great Gala with 175 attendees that raised $20,000!

Quite the list of accomplishments! Especially considering we are all moms, and 100% run by volunteers and donations.

A personal thanks is warranted to each and every one of these ladies:

ASHLEY PEARSON: our fearless leader, and President extraordinaire! Ashley has served as both Vice President and President for GCSML. Under her leadership, the entire LT has been empowered to make great strides over the past two years. She is a thorough and thoughtful leader!

JILL LUNA: madame Vice President, the keeper of all the information! If there’s a spreadsheet or logistics to be planned, Jill is our gal. Her extreme attention to detail resulted in an amazing game of real life Tetris, when she made a diagram to fit 45 Expo vendors (and their balloon arches) in a room with 50+ children! Jill also put her planning skills to the test, by arranging the Fall Mom’s League Beach trip!

MELISA SNYDER: our Treasurer and official book keeper. GCS Moms League has been officially a non profit since 1994. Melisa manages all of our donations, expenses, and paperwork to keep the league accounts current. And, amazingly, she does all of this while always having a smile on her face. We literally could not have had the level of success we’ve reached without her leadership.

MAGGIE TAYLOR: our Charity lead and liaison between Kids Matter International. Each year GCSML selects one designated charity to support for the wholeleague term. Maggie, not only helped us find, and vote on Kids Matter, she helped us plan both big and small opportunities through the year to give back directly to their cause. From volunteering at a golf tournament, to planning and setting up an entire Gala in record speed, Maggie truly puts all of herself into her volunteerism.

MARCIE SMITH: GCS Moms League Marketing Director, Brand Manager, our designer of ALL the things! Marcie has been instrumental in providing consistent creativity and direction to all of GCSML marketing initiatives. Everything from a small table top sign, an email graphic, to an entire array of event collateral for Trunk or Treat, Expo, and The Great Gala!

AMANDA CHAMBERS: our Social Media lead and resident creator of Reels! Amanda strategizes, films, and executes all of our social media content. She brings years of marketing experience, and her personal touches, to daily IG stories, weekly Reels, and several recurring series to showcase league events, our business partners and sponsors, as well as our charity. She’s also managed to teach several LT members how to grow their own accounts. Amanda has grown our Instagram visits by 313% and Facebook reach by 190% this year!

ELYSA ELLIS: our Sponsor Relations Director. Elysa acts as our liaison between the league and local businesses. With Elysa’s support (and the rest of LT), we have been able to partner with over 80 businesses this year. Each local business that sponsors a GCS Moms League event or online promotion, has been able to support Kids Matter International as well.

KERRI REINHART: our league Secretary. Kerri’s official role for the LT has been documentor of meeting notes for our leadership meetings. Kerri, as with most things she does, brings a humorous flair to her contributions while still capturing the essential league business.

PRETIKA KALIA: our Membership Director! Pretika is the first person most new members virtually meet. The day someone signs up for the league they receive a thorough and thoughtful welcome from Pretika! Her welcome email is a great example of the hospitality she shows both new and long term members at each event.

SARAH BARTON: the league’s Playgroup lead! Most of the new members who join GCSML are looking for activities for themselves and their kiddos. Sarah plays league matchmaker via her role by helping add moms to playgrounds based on their kiddo’s age as well as their family’s schedule.

HEIDI FERRELL: our Adult Event lead and advisor to GCSML history! Heidi had served GCS Moms League for a number of years, including as a past President. This year Heidi oversaw a team of volunteers who coordinated Book Club, Moms Night Out, Game Night, and Couples Night Out. Heidi is very active in the local community and constantly keeps a pulse on how the league can have a fun night out and frequent up-and-coming spots around town.

KRISTA RICE: the director of the beloved Breakfast Socials! GCS Moms League might be most well known for our Breakfast Socials! This year, Krista has brought all of her skills to the table to make these large events run smoothly every time. It’s not easy to keep a room full of tired moms captivated and happy. She thought of every detail to make sure our moms were well fed and happily caffeinated, as well and enlightened and entertained.

KATY TRAMMEL: our Children’s Event lead. Katy hosted monthly children's events plus major holiday events such as our annual Christmas party, Valentine’s party, and an Easter event. She will be wrapping up the year with a children's end-of-year party as well. Her numerous events allow opportunities for our member’s kiddos to interact with each other. Our kiddos range from newborn to school age, so finding venues and parks to host kids of all ages was quite the undertaking! Many thanks to Katy for making sure our children left every event with happy memories and full hearts.


Interested in joining a committee for our 2022-2023 year. Click here to send us a message!

Many thanks to Elysa Ellis for writing this amazing recap of our 2021-2022 leadership team!

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