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Join the GCS Leadership Team!

As we wrap up the League's official 2020-2021 year, we have a lot of celebrating to do! But we aren't stopping now. Traditionally, the League's Year ends for a break during the summer, but we missed so much during COVID, we're going to keep this party going all summer. We hope you can join us.

Part of our year-end transition this summer includes recruiting for open Leadership Team positions, both chairs and volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering (as much or as little time as you can) we have an opportunity for you!

GCS Leadership Team Overview:

We have opportunities to participate across all committees!

  • Do you love to work out? Join our Fit Club Crew and lead a workout once a month.

  • Do you spend hours surfing social media and local moms groups? Sign up as an influencer and help GCS grow in our community.

  • Are you a behind-the-scenes person with some strategic or technical savvy? Join our marketing team and help plan new growth strategies and connect with members and public via email, websites, and more.

  • Do you have a heart for charity and helping our community? Join our Community Events team.

  • Are you a natural sales person? Help us raise funds while supporting local companies with GCS business.


FACT: Volunteering with GCS fast-tracks relationship-building with other Leadership and Committee Members. It also gives Moms an opportunity to give back to our communities (outside of the house and away from the kids!!!) and spend quality time with other like-minded women.

Please don't be shy. Email or comment below with any questions or ideas. (If you have a question - there's likely someone else wondering the same thing!) We would LOVE to hear from you. Or, if you are ready to sign up – click here to fill out our volunteer inquiry form.

As always, this League is successful FOR you BECAUSE of you. We're all in this together and cannot wait to see what we accomplish next year.


If you missed our June eNewsletter - here's a message from GCS President (2020-2022), Mom of Three, and Certified Super Woman... Ashley Pearson:

We weren't meant to do this journey of motherhood alone. The varying degrees of isolation that we've experienced over the past 14 months haven't been good for our hearts, souls and minds. We desperately need a community to cling to. And, that's what GCS Moms League aims to be. In the midst of a global pandemic, we strived to meet our member's needs. We created Zoom accounts to play games, meet each other, learn how to make fun appetizers, figure out press-on nails, and let our kids see that other little children still existed. We created several side online groups (such as our Love + Care group, a safe marketplace, a homeschooling group, and a book club group, as well as a Bachelor Bracket) so our members could feel a sense of community even when we were afraid to leave our homes. While we felt uneasy bringing our new babies gift baskets and homemade meals, we pitched in and sent gift cards for the moms to order some DoorDash on those extremely sleepy first weeks. Once restrictions started lifting, we aimed to put on more, smaller events so that women could get out of their houses when they were able to, and not have to worry about being in gigantic crowds, like GCS Moms League was known for in the past. In the midst of the most isolating year most of us have ever had, GSC Moms League broke a personal record of having the most events *ever* in a single year. Between our Zoom events, our community outreach events (such as the Christmas card making), our moms nights out, our ever famous book club, and so many new events like cookie decorating, fun runs, online kid's corner crafting and stories, stroller walks, park playdates, couples nights out, wine tastings, etc.... GCS Moms League put on almost 80 events between mid-July 2020 and May 2021. And, we aren't stopping now. GCS Moms League has historically not held events outside of the regular school year, but our committees are still working to put on events for you all summer long. GCS Moms League wants to be your community. If you have been unable to attend an event this year, due to personal comfort level or scheduling conflicts, we invite you to jump in as soon as you feel ready. If you ventured out to an event and didn't immediately make a BFF-- keep coming back. Keep showing up, keep putting yourself out there. Our community always has a spot for you.

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