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gcs moms league


Thank you for joining or renewing! Please fill out all of the fields so that we can serve you best. 
Email with any questions.


Our league year runs from August - June and our dues are non-refundable. GCS Moms League annual dues are $75 per year. These dues help cover expenses such as meeting spaces, catering at certain events, and special events for our children. Dues are prorated for those who join later in the league year.
August 2024 - June 2025 $75
January 2023 - June 2025 $60




Our goal is to get to know each one of our members and foster meaningful relationships. We would appreciate you sharing a little about yourself if you feel comfortable.

Marriage Status:
If you are a returning member, would you be interested in being a New Member Mentor? We would partner you up with an incoming new member to welcome and join them at select events. We believe it is always nice to know there is someone out there you know when walking in for the first time.
What are your main reasons for joining the GCS Moms League? (check all that apply)
I am interested in hosting League events at my house (such as Game Night, Book Club, etc).
We love to support our members! Do you (or your immediate family) own a local business?


GCS Moms League, Inc. is a non-profit organization serving the Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake and surrounding areas. Community service is key as all of our members are volunteering their time. Please note that by joining the GCS Moms League, Inc. you are requested to participate in our community offerings. 

GCS Moms League, Inc., its Board and Membership, expressly assumes no liability for accidents or injuries occurring during our events including playgroups. Each individual member expressly assumes all risk of injury to themselves and their family and expressly agrees to defend and indemnify GCS Moms League, Inc. it's Board and members from claims. Each individual member expressly understands and accepts that accidents occur sometimes through others fault and as such, each individual member and their family shall hold GCS Moms League, Inc., its Board and Membership harmless in the event of accident or injury. Prospective member expressly indicates their acceptance of these terms by their submission of this application electronically.

We will take photos of you and your children at our events and playgroups. We may publish these on our website or social pages such as Facebook. If you do not wish to have your photo taken and published
, you must notify the photographer on-site. 

Photograph Authorization- We request permission for photos of your child to be used in publications and advertisements about GCS Moms League. This includes, but is not limited to, GCS Moms League Facebook page and website.

Thank you for your membership!


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