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Welcome to the 2022-23 League Year!

Hi! My name is Amanda Chambers and I am the President of GCS Moms League for the 2022-23 year! I am so fortunate to have Elysa Ellis serving as our Vice President for the year, you can see us pictured below at our Great Gala in April 2022.

Some of you may know me as our previous social media gal and previous book club host, and some do not know me at all! So I thought I'd share a bit about myself.

I am married to Spencer and we have two sons together. Colton, who turns 7 at the end of the month and Ocean, who is 4. I am a boy mom through and through, if you ever come to our home for a play date, plan on a change of clothes! This month our youngest starts Pre-k and will be attending Colleyville Elementary with his brother, so you will definitely meet me at our Boohoo/Woohoo brunch!

I am fairly new to the area; my family and I moved here in December 2020 and I immediately joined the league in January 2021 and jumped right in! It was the best choice I made during our move and quickly made many friends for myself and sons. By May I signed up to co-lead the book club and by June 2021 I was recruited into the social media leadership position. I spent the 2021-22 League year highly focused on social media, meeting people and having a great time!

The league has changed my life. I literally do not know how I could've transitioned so easily into a new state, with no family or friends whatsoever without GCS Moms League. When I was approached about considering the role of President, I had very little hesitation because I truly believe in what we do for charity, the relationships we make, and the community we build. Shortly after I committed to the role, Elysa Ellis graciously accepted the role of Vice President and will share a bit about herself soon! With all of that being said, I am truly so excited for this year and hope to -literally- meet each and every member over the course of this 2022-23 league year! If you ever see me and I haven't introduced myself yet, please stop and say hello!

Welcome to GCS Moms League 2022-23!!

Amanda and Elysa

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