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Valentine's Day...YAY or NAY?!?

Valentine’s Day as a “holiday” probably has different meanings for all of us, especially during different phases of our lives. Young and energetic…all for it. A bit older with a kid or two (or three, or four) in tow… and Hallmark can keep its extra holiday... =D

So, in an attempt to reinvigorate the spirit of the day, we’ve gathered some of our favorite (and mostly easy) ideas to celebrate.

  • If your kids are in school, plan a daytime date with your spouse. Dedicate a few hours to each other (without the kids around) to actually eat food while it’s still warm with no interruptions!

  • During your outing set a budget and go shopping together to buy a little something you've had your eye on (what you really wanted for Christmas and didn't get?!) =D

  • For the family, spend a little time cutting out hearts and write things about your spouse and/or kids that you love about them. Punch a hole in the top, run a pretty ribbon through it, and hang it somewhere for them to find!

  • Make a card for your spouse and kids. Have the cards waiting for the kids when they wake up in the morning with a line of Hershey’s kisses leading to a special breakfast. (Heart-shaped pancakes anyone?)

  • And Valentine's Day cuisine... make a themed lunch and/or dinner. Use a cookie cutter to cut a heart out of a sandwich, or make a heart-shaped pizza for dinner! (Or totally simplify things and order a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphys...thank you, Kara!!)

  • Next Level Planning: Make a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt with a little toy or candy as prize.

  • After the kids are in bed. Make a Valentine-themed cocktail. Here are some fun recipes, Chocolate Martini, Red Room Sangria (toss out your Christian Gray memes in the comments!), Margarita Strawberries, or a Love Potion Martini!

  • Make a Date Night Jar (see below)

  • Last but not least – consider a new tradition where you go shopping for sweets (HELLO CHOCOLATE) on the day after Valentine’s Day. It’s always sweeter when it’s on sale!


We received a "Date Night" kit from our local library, and were actually surprised at how much fun we had picking random activities and excursions for our jar. Our son picks one stick a week for us, and we've committed to do whatever it says. We've had a blast and it's helped to break us out of our typical routines and spend more time together doing new things.


  • Find a glass jar (or upgrade the challenge with something trendy to match your decor), craft sticks (or anything you can write on), and a list of ideas to get you started. Click here to download ideas/prompts to get started, but feel free to use your own.

  • Ask your significant other to highlight any item on the list that interests them.

  • Then go through the list and pick your favorites.

  • Add your favorites to the craft sticks, pop them in a jar, and decide on the frequency and day of the week you'll draw a new activity.

You can take your jar to the next level by adding categories for each activity. To do this, add a color code to your sticks that indicate categories like: free activity, family-friendly, requires planning, expensive, etc.

If DIY isn't your thing, here are some fun ones you can order:

What are your favorite traditions? Help a Mom out and drop them below!

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