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Summer Bucket Lists & Boredom Busters

Do you dread summer, now that you have children? No school and loooooong summer days?

Our last Breakfast Social of the year included summer "boredom buster" crafts and a presentation by Sadi Monge of Family Connections Counseling. If you weren't able to make it - join in on the fun with instructions and additional summer activity printables below!

Summer Bucket Lists

  • Find a bucket, vase, mason jar, etc.

  • Grab an assortment of popsicle sticks.

  • Sit down as a family and dream up. adventures or experiences you'd like to have before the end of summer.

  • Ideas: have a water balloon fight, go on a nature walk, visit a new park, watch a movie outside, play hopscotch, photo scavenger hunt, make cards for seniors, write a letter/draw pictures for a loved one and go to the post office to mail, finger paint, etc.

  • Get started!

More summer fun printables:

What activities are you putting on your summer bucket list? Share below!

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