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Top Food News & Trends of 2021

Read it and eat: Here are the foods and drinks you'll be seeing everywhere this year!


Salad bars aren't dead after all!

The pandemic threatened to put an end to the salad bar as we know it, but a promising alternative is on the way. Sally, a glorified vending machine invented by a startup called Chowbotics, contains airtight refrigerated cylinders of foods like spinach, tomatoes and chicken so you can customize your own salads. It's now being tested in college dining halls, hospitals and grocery stores.


Climate-Friendly Cuisine

The latest diet trend isn't low carb, it's low carbon. To help the environment, a new wave of dieters called climatarians are cutting down on foods like beef and lamb, which contribute to high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Restaurant chains are taking note: Just Salad and Panera have started labeling items with low-carbon footprints. Don't worry, the broccoli cheddar soup passes the test!


Frozen White Claws

Home mixologists keep pushing the limits with tricks like blending White Claw with frozen fruit.


These Boards Are Sweet!

Charcuterie and cheese are great, but the next big grazing trend is all about dessert: boards loaded with artfully arranged candy, cookies and s'mores ingredients. Check out #dessertcharcuterie on Instagram and follow @boards_by_afenyn10, @seecandycook and @thebakermama for inspiration.


Good in Paper

Diageo, the company behind alcohol brands like Smirnoff and Guinness, has created the first-ever plastic-free, paper-based liquor bottle. It's a big step toward making packaging more eco-friendly: Other paper drink containers, like the ones used for milk, are coated with plastic resin. Look for paper bottles of Johnnie Walker scotch whisky this spring and nonalcoholic PepsiCo drinks later in the year.


Hot Honey

Hot honey might have sounded strange a few years ago, but now it’s one of Amazon’s best-selling sauces and a staple at more than 2,000 restaurants across the country. It began as an unlikely pizza topping: In 2010, a guy named Mike Kurtz started making chile-infused honey for the pizzas at Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn. Use some to add a sweet-and-spicy kick to sandwiches, cocktails and even ice cream.

Source: Food Network Magazine

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