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Christmas - Family-Friendly Activities

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

• Make Fake Snow. Let's face it, this is Texas. You never know - but snow probably isn't in the cards. Many of our little ones have never even SEEN snow. So whip together a few simple ingredients and prepare to impress!

• Elf Your Neighbors. There’s no better time than the stressful holiday season to surprise a friend, family member, or neighbor with an anonymous goodie bag!

• Make cookies and deliver to your neighbor’s mailboxes or doorsteps!

• Custom Christmas Cards. We are all Christmas Card Making Machines after our holiday card collection drive—have the kids continue their crafting, and send homemade cards to family members! They will love receiving handmade crafts!

• Gingerbread House Scavenger Hunt. Find hiding spots around the house for packages of gumdrops, licorice, sprinkles, and icing. Create clues to send your kids around the house to find the ingredients they’ll need to create the holiday gingerbread house.

• Christmas Book "Presents". Wrap up your Christmas books and let the kids unwrap one each night to read.

• Christmas Movie Nights. Set aside special evenings to watch your favorite holiday moving while wearing matching family pajamas. Try making flavored popcorn, homemade pizza, or build special pallets on the floor to lie on. Anything to make it different than a normal afternoon!

•  Instagram Crafts. Check out Instagram for some great kid-friendly crafts. Our favorites are @ThePreKDay, @ missmaddy.teach, and @montessorifromtheheart.

•  Decorate Felt Trees. Make a felt Christmas tree with your littlest one and decorate! And redecorate, and redecorate again! Hopefully this will keep little hands off of the real tree!

• Stay Up Late! Bundle up, let bedtime be a little later, and go for a family walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. Bonus points for making award certificates and leaving them, or small gifts, for your favorite decorations!

• Celebrate the Spirit of Giving. Have your kids select a few items on your next grocery store run to donate to our Christmas is for Children food drive. They can even help deliver to our Colleyville, Grapevine, or Keller locations. Click here to learn more about the event! It's a wonderful opportunity for kids to enjoy the gift of giving.

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Please share them below!

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