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2019-2020 Year-In-Review

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

I would like to thank all of our volunteers and members for an amazing experience as we ended the 2019 to 2020 GCSML season.

It was definitely a year to remember as we kicked off the year rebranding with a fresh new look to celebrate our 25th anniversary. What a MILESTONE!!! We had the opportunity to meet our founding members who once had a dream for all local moms to have a place where they can build friendships, show support and get involved with our community.

As new moms moved to North Texas looking to make new friends, one common bond brought us all together. Through our many game nights, bookclub nights, play groups and breakfast socials, we got connected and started friendships to last a lifetime.

We also learned how to cook thanks to Tastebuds, get creative thanks to Kara, mix and match our outfits thanks to Helen, and learned how to love others as well as ourselves thanks to Tamika.

Even though the season did not end as we had planned our fundraising team did a phenomenal job raising money for The Gatehouse through events such as our Trunk or Treat, Summer Camp Expo and finally the long-awaited end of year Gala. Our gala team worked day and night planning every minute of the gala for all of us to have a night to remember on the dance floor with our tiaras and glass slippers but unfortunately Covid had different plans. The gala team switched gears overnight and still managed to collect $36,000 to donate to the Gatehouse. Our donation gave these women and children, who are in a greater need now more than ever, a “hand up” in life!

We could not have accomplished our goals if it was not for the commitment of our members to help grow our league, invite their friends to join, to show up for our events and volunteer when it was needed. I can’t thank you enough for “The MOST Memorable Year”!

Heidi Ferrell 2019-2020 GCSML President

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Ashley Pearson
Ashley Pearson
Aug 01, 2020

Love all of the pics! What a fun year.

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