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Introducing: GCSML Kids Corner!

GCSML Kids Corner

Let’s face it. Entertaining kids for this long, all day, every day is HARD! Don’t worry though. GCSML’s new weekly online initiative, Kids Corner, is here to help!

In this weird time, we want to help you keep your kiddos from bouncing off the walls, if only for a couple minutes. Since we can’t get our children together in real life, we have started a digital Kids Corner hosted every Friday, either on our private Facebook page or Zoom! Each Friday we will alternate between guiding you through kid-friendly crafts, having a story time read by GCSML members, and having an informal children’s “social hour.” 

Kids Corner Crafts will be announced ahead of time with supplies lists, so you have time to prepare. The crafts will all use materials that most of us will already have lying around. If you and your child do the craft for the week, make sure to comment with a picture of it on the Facebook Live post (even if you do it later on in the week) in order to be entered to win a prize! 

Kids Corner Story Time will consist of different GCSML members reading one of their favorite children’s books on Facebook Live. Be sure to comment with any suggestions for future books you want to be read or if you'd like to volunteer!

Kids Corner “Social Hour is meant to be a time for our kids to interact with one another or to, at least, see their lovely faces over a Zoom meeting. The first 5 to 10 minutes will be an easy, guided activity to get the children interested and participating. These ice-breaker activities could be anything from a game, a dance party, a sing-along, or a movement activity like yoga. The remaining time, roughly 20 minutes maximum, will be used to allow the children to socialize. If we’re being honest...they might just stare at each other, but kids can get lonely, too, so let’s give them this little socialization.

To see what's happening each week and RSVP to the events (so you can get reminders to login to Facebook or Zoom) visit the event page on our website.

Since this is a new initiative for the league we really need your help to keep it going.

We want to have fresh new faces to host every week! Don’t be intimidated by the technology aspect. We will guide you every step of the way on how to do a Facebook Live and also provide you with a Zoom link through the league account. If you'd like to help us host one of these weekly Kids Corner events, please click here to sign up!

Reach out to GCSML Children's Events Chair, Randi Pearson, at if you have any questions or if you have ideas for Kids Corner activities.

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