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Fall Fashion Inspiration

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Being a mom is not an easy job. Before kids, you probably found it much easier to prioritize yourself, but life after babies looks a little different; so much of our time is devoted to others.

We stay busy preparing meals, cleaning up messes, giving baths, changing diapers, reading the same book for the 20th time that day... the list goes on and on. Some of us are doing our best to care for our spouses, also, trying to keep our relationship thriving. On top of that we’re told to take care of ourselves, because self care is vital in order for us to continue being good mothers. We should exercise, make time for hobbies, visit with our friends, and get plenty of sleep. Some of us also have careers in which we want, and perhaps are expected, to excel in. Totally doable, right?!

The moment you become a mother, whether through birth or adoption or any other means, you are immediately met with a multitude of expectations, all of which are impossible to meet simultaneously. The kicker is, in today’s world: there is pressure to look great while doing all of it.

With all of the immediate needs that a mother has to meet, though, what we’re wearing can easily fall to the back burner. And you know what? That’s ok! As moms we have to prioritize, and these days and years won’t last forever. Before we know it, our kids will be grown, and we’ll have a little more time for ourselves again.

Some days, though, we have somewhere important to be, or we have a lunch date with a friend, or maybe we just feel like looking a little extra cute that day! And for those days, we’re hoping to start sending a little outfit inspiration to your inbox from time to time, mom style.

Many of the outfits will fall into the “momiform” category - cute, yet practical outfits for our #1 job - being a mom! Some will be more fun, while others more professional. Now that it’s officially fall, we wanted to start with a little fall inspiration for you!

In the future, we hope to collaborate with some of our favorite local influencers, many of whom happen to be moms themselves. For now, we hope that these photos get you excited for cooler temperatures, fall festivities, and remind you that even though there are many days where motherhood doesn’t look glamorous, you are more than worth a little extra devotion from time to time to feel and look your best.

Here are some of our favorite Fashion Influencers on Instagram:


Kara says: I’m all about a system & layers layers layers!

  • Start with jeans, leggings or pants ✓

  • Add t-shirt/tank/plaid flannel ✓

  • layered sweater or vest ✓

  • add some ankle boots, riding boots or slip on tennis shoes ✓

  • Scarf or necklace for an accent ✓

Ashley shares The Like It to Know It app. It's great— you follow influencers and directly shop their outfits.




With love,

Katy Trammell/ GCS Moms League


What are your favorites? Comment below or on our private GCSML Facebook page. Happy Fall!

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