Summer Camp Expo photo with title.jpg

Friday, March 1st from 9:30-11:20AM Colleyville, TX


Summer is a time for kids to play, lots of play, and to try out new things. We are fortunate to be in an area with so much going on. Beyond the pools, playgrounds, and evening concerts in the park, there are a slew of educational, creative, and athletic summer camp programs minutes away. And, let’s be honest, these camp programs give mom a much-needed break. 

Each spring GCS Moms League hosts a Summer Camp Expo, bringing together several local businesses that hold summer camps. Most camp programs out there are for elementary school children, so finding those for preschoolers can take some digging. At the GCSML Summer Camp Expo, we bring together local businesses with programs specially for preschoolers. And, it is not just for GCSML members. It is open to all our friends and the community at large. 

Our 2018 Summer Camp Expo was a huge success - and again in 2019, GCSML Members and non-members will be invited to learn about the various summer camp options available from our Summer Camp Expo vendors.  We will be targeting summer camps with options for children 3 and up (with specific interest in the 3-5 age group options).