Children's Activities

One of the best perks to joining GCSML is the pre-planned children's activities! In addition to our playgroups, we also have a wide variety of children's activities that we organize and plan every month.

Baby Group

Planned for the little ones every month, Baby Group is a chance for all members with the youngest children to get together and do something baby-friendly. From bubbles in the park during the spring to a complimentary stroller work-out class, our Baby Group Coordinator will have something planned for you and your baby every month. Baby Group is a great way to meet other mothers in the area with small children!

Toddler Group

Much like Baby Group, the Toddler Group is planned every month for the toddlers to get out and socialize with each other while Mom gets to know other mothers! Our Toddler Group Coordinator knows all of the hot spots to take the little tykes out to play. From the best indoor playgrounds in the area to bounce houses and more, we'll get you out of the house and wear the little ones out just in time for nap!

Children's Field Trips

Our children's field trips are open to every member regardless of children's ages and are fun for the whole family! We have a huge variety of events that we coordinate throughout the year including special discount tickets to a number of Casa Manana shows, group ticket sales for Thomas the Train when he comes to town, and other seasonal fun like group play dates at the trampoline parks or splash pads around the area. Field trips vary month to month and are always fun for the whole group!

Holiday Parties & Seasonal Fun

GCSML hosts children's holiday parties for Halloween, Christmas (with a special appearance by Santa himself!), Valentine's Day, and Easter (complete with an Easter Bunny!). We also plan other seasonal fun like group visits to the pumpkin patch in the Fall and Polar Express at Christmas.