Our Executive Board Officers and Committee Chairs for the 2017-18 year are as follows:


President: Carly Alacahan
Vice President: Jocelyn Sandruck
Treasurer: Lexie Callies
Secretary: Bonny Matles
Membership Chair: Diana Mavinkurve
Membership Co-Chair: Bonny Matles
Newsletter Chair: Sarah Shaw
League Activities Chair: Lynn Bazemore
Children's Activities Chair: OPEN
Community Service Chair: OPEN
Advertising Chair: Amanda Calongne
Technical Chair: Stephanie Glockzin
Past President: Ali Cherek


Baby Group: Kim Lambert
Book Club: Ali Cherek
Casa Manana: Caroline Powell
Childcare Reservations: OPEN
Childcare Crafts & Snacks: Julianna Gandarilla
Children's Field Trips: OPEN
Christmas is for Children: Lexie Callies & Christina Crawford
Christmas Party: Julianna Gandarilla & Mary Ann Mascio
Couples Night Out: Jenny Vidotto & Diana Mavinkurve
Easter Party: Mary Lester & Julia Wang
Gala: Lynn Bazemore & Heidi Ferrell
Halloween Party: Jenny Vidotto & Diana Mavinkurve
Hospitality: Jessica Coffee
Ladies' Night Out: Michelle Fuentes & Mary Ann Mascio
Meals for Moms: Yasmine Baker
Member Profiles: Teresa Kulupka
Playgroups: Leilani Baker
Summer Camp Expo: Alisha Rosse & Carly Alacahan
Toddler Group: Paola Ventura
Valentine's Party: Chrissy Olsen & Jenny Vidotto
Welcoming: Teresa Kulupka