I don't know you about you, but I remember summer as being the time of year where I spent the entire day outside, playing with my neighbors until the street lights came on! I remember knowing the Post Man's schedule, because we would ride our bikes and follow him throughout the neighborhood. Those were the days of the consistent neighborhood visitors- the post man was the same man, "Steve" for over a decade! My parents weren't afraid to let me go outside because even our trash collectors were a consistent group of men who came down the street twice a week rattling and clanking the cans and lids.

Ice cream truck music from a mile away, everyone started running to ask for $1 for a cone. We lined up sweaty and kind of dirty, throwing our bikes onto the grass, to be the first in line for a cone with "sprinkles." We sat there with little flies and zipping around our faces in the hot sticky summer heat, every SINGLE DAY.

I really want to make this summer the best summer ever for my kids. I mean- so much can change in one instant and I have learned from watching, reading and listening that happy times are fleeting and that their innocence doesn't last forever. That they worry-free days are limited and I am ON A MISSION to help preserve all of that for them.

Thing is... I kind of hate the heat. I don't like to sweat or feel sticky. I hate bugs. I don't eat ice cream.... And the thought of "running wild and free" sounds like a bloody nightmare. I don't fish (I don't like the slimy little suckers), I DO NOT collect bugs... and painting rocks can be very messy. I am also not living the same carefree consistent life my parents lived. My trash collectors are not the same- I have no relationship with them. My mailperson is a rando who doesn't wear a uniform and I yearn for a gate or bubble to keep my kids in. Alas... I find myself looking outside from my air-conditioned living room wishing I was more.... you know... uhm.... Into it. I am more of what they call a "glamper"...not so much a "camper."

So here goes nothing. This summer I am going to fight the bugs and help Elizabeth collect, name and love them. I am going to paint rocks and get dirty. I am going to make MUD PIES (gross). I am going to worry less and laugh more. I am going to sweat (goodness). My hair is going to get crazy and I am going to be a wild woman whose kids have the BEST. Summer. Ever. I had them share a plan with me of what would make this an amazing summer and I plan to quantify it when I hear whining, whimpers or see tears. I will let them stay up and catch fireflies. JUST KIDDING... I haven't seen one in years. I will let them do outdoor chores and together we will take selfies and document it all - because I guess otherwise it didn't happen...or something.

Do I sound bitter? I am not. I am scared. I am REALLY scared. Scared that I will be really dirty... and more so, I am afraid to let these little humans down with my preconceived notions of what is fun (I am kind of boring) and I am afraid to over plan and set expectations so super high.... That we end up falling short.

I promise I will relax one day. One day, I will enjoy a summer breeze. Until then, I am determined and scheduled to make this the BEST. SUMMER. EVER. #orbust

Because #glamping is just more fun- and maybe I am a little bit #Extra


Carly Alacahan