She's crazy!

She isn't going to nurse? She is crazy.

She married him? Didn't they just meet? She's crazy.

She drinks so much at parties, she is crazy.

She talks about sex, she is crazy.

She works full time, she is crazy.

She is pregnant again, she is crazy!

She is having a baby? She is SOOO old! She is crazy.

She tells everyone everything. She's crazy.

She quit her job, she is crazy.

She gets so much work done- she is CRAZY.

She videoed her baby's birth. She is crazy.

She ate her placenta??? She is crazy.

She had her baby at home, she is Crazy.

She gave her baby up for adoption. She is crazy.

She is getting divorced. Crazy town.

She moved in with her parents, and her kids. She is crazy.

She went back to school, crazy!

All she does is read, she is crazy.

She NEVER cooks dinner. She is crazy.

Her kids eat SO MUCH McDonalds! She is crazy.

She spends so much on her kid's clothes, she is crazy.

She is always in heels. She is crazy.

She is friends with everyone. Crazy-town.

She seems to not have any friends. She is crazy.

She is gluten free. She is crazy.

She is soooo skinny. She must be sick. She is pretty crazy.

She told everyone that.... Again! CRAY-CRAY.

If this is crazy, then I love it! We are all different, ladies. Embrace each other, love each other, understand each other. I say, let's be CRAZY together! Let's be crazy enough to love each other without judgement and without prejudice. Be crazy enough to lean in and be ALL IN. Let's rise above the judgements and choose to peel the onion back rather than judge each other- even when (and ESPECIALLY WHEN) things get crazy.


Crazy Carly. Love you all!