Choose Integrity every time, over whatever is fun, easy and or fast.

Choose to put yourself out there, knowing that the critics will come out to play.

Bring energy into the meetings, the room and the group that aligns with your values.

Talk about your emotions, even if it is awkward.

Approach things with a sense of Positivity and Possibility.

Hold others accountable. Hold yourself accountable. Don't be a flake.

Ask for what you need, even if it means being judged.

Don't over commit... try to not overcommit.

Extend a generous interpretation to the actions, intentions and words of others.

Stay true to your values.

Set Boundaries.

Choose courage over comfort.

Don't fight to take credit.

Believe that people are doing the best that they can.

Keep your "Marble-Jar" friends close.

Take your vault seriously. If it isn't yours, don't share it.

Show up. Even and especially when you cannot control the outcome. Show up.